Farm Tour: From Pasture to You – A Tour of Illinois Dairy Farms

About the tour

Have you ever wondered where your favorite dairy products come from? This tour is your opportunity to meet some amazing dairy producers and the animals they raise.

The first stop, Marcoot Jersey Creamery, is a seventh-generation family dairy farm and the recipient of several previous SARE grants. The team at Marcoot produces farmstead and artisan cheeses, along with whey and fruit ices, grassfed beef, whey-fed pork and clover honey. You’ll hear their story and why sustainability is important to their business.

Next, you’ll visit Rolling Lawns Farm’s newly constructed bottling facility. Rolling Lawns Farm is a 170-year-old farm in Greenville, Illinois that raises Holstein cows and produces high-quality milk that’s locally marketed to chefs and consumers in the St. Louis area. Rolling Lawns has recently endeavored to construct a bottling facility, where it will join the ranks of the few producers across the United States currently bottling their own milk. You’ll learn about their business transition, their future hopes for their business and their property, and understand how partnerships (like with Marcoot Creamery) have helped them on their way.

Tour highlights: Jersey cows, pasture, cheese, dairy, equipment

8:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Cost: $55.00

Lunch will not be provided.

More about the farms

Marcoot Jersey Creamery:

Rolling Lawns Farm: