Farm Tour: Agritourism at a Seventh-Generation Orchard

About the tour

Ask St. Louis families about special things to do in the fall and you’ll hear about picking apples at Eckert’s. For seven generations, the Eckert family has owned and operated Illinois orchards near the St. Louis metropolitan area. During this tour, you’ll learn about this rich history and see how Eckert’s has evolved over time. You’ll pass through the orchard rows and discuss the sustainable production practices Eckert’s employs, including crop rotations, cover crops, native pollinator habitats and drip irrigation. The Farm Store will impress you with the variety of products offered and the traditional farm setting will charm you while you enjoy a delicious lunch in the Eckert’s Country Restaurant. This is the tour for anyone seeking to learn about successful agri-tourism or to witness a thriving family-run farm and business.

Tour highlights: orchard, family farm, farm store, value-added, horticulture, apples, agri-tourism, pumpkins

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Cost: $75.00

Lunch will be provided.

More about Eckert’s

The Eckert family owns four farms and a farm market in the St. Louis area. The Belleville farm and offers seasonally available pick-your-own fruit and vegetables. Crops grown on the farm include strawberries, blackberries, peaches, vegetables, apples, pumpkins and Christmas trees. This site also has restaurant, Country Store and Garden Center. Today the sixth and seventh generations of the Eckert family oversee the daily business operations.

Photos above taken by Eckert’s